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Why Natural Cures or Supplements Don't Work
Wonder why natural cures or supplements you are taking don't seem to work? The problem may not be with the natural cure or supplement. it is usually with what you may be missing.
Personal Trainer What to Look For
There is a more specific list of things to look for in a personal trainer or health club at the website: www.resultsareproof.com
You Can Get Off Seven Medications In Two Weeks
This is a testimonial of Roger Bingham, a client of PFS. He talks about how working with PFS has changed his life and giving him the tools to continue to regain his health on his own in the future.
Simple High Nutrient, Low Calorie Diet Extends Life
A high nutrient, low calorie diet can help you to extend your life. This simple diet is easy for anyone to do and will give you a longer, healthier and better life. See more at www.resultsareproof.com
Cancer Can be Cured without Chemotherapy
Lynn Gray discusses how she cured her lung cancer without chemotherapy and what she learned about cancer and doctors in the process.